Michael Harmann grew up in Weston, Connecticut and overcame his severe learning disabilities through special education programs during his childhood and early teen years and persevered to proudly obtain his Masters of Social Work from Columbia University at the age 27.  Michael’s current professional success draws from his personal experience as a struggling youth searching for hope and confidence combined with his tremendous formal education as a young adult followed by his years of work.  

Prior to getting his Masters degree, Michael worked at juvenile detention facilities, foster programs, and behavioral modification programs.   In 2002, he graduated at the top of his class from Columbia University’s School of Social Work and went on t0 director positions at several programs ranging from psychiatric facilities and homeless housing to a substance abuse treatment center.

In 2006, Michael started a sober living residence in California, which still operates today.  The following year, he also founded Adolescent Behavioral Consulting which is currently based in Wilmington, North Carolina and serves clients both locally and nationwide.

Throughout the years, Michael Harmann has also been an avid retro modern antique collector and his work space in North Carolina is decorated in this vein presenting an interesting, comfortable and unique environment.  

In addition to his current consulting work,  Michael Harmann conducts workshops for parents on key issues addressing the management of at-risk teen/young adult issues. Michael and his team are committed to contributing to the potential and excellence of your child. His current success stories with his clients are what keep him motivated.

“Inspiring people toward hope and showing them how to un-obstruct themselves from what they want has always come naturally to me,” says Harmann.  “Each family is it’s entirely own unique machine, I get a kick out of helping to work the bugs out.”


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