Stop Beating Yourself Up – weekly- Parent Discussion Group , Wilmington -call 310-980-5006 for more info. – There is no charge for this group meeting and all information is completely confidential.  This meeting is an open forum discussion led by Michael.  Topics will range from lighter general parenting/teen issues like homework and schedule struggles, to more hard core topics including teenage alcohol and drug abuse, depression, social withdrawal, anger management, failure to launch, etc.  We invite you to stop by!

Vaping/E-Cigarette Awareness  Free Presentation and Discussion – Available Upon Request @ Your School – Michael Harmann will conduct a 20 Minute Presentation about the use and dangers of e-cigarettes in Middle and High Schools.  This will be followed by a 40 minute open discussion and Q&A session.  To schedule a talk at your school, please call (203) 223-0756

Hey, I love you Presention and Discussion – Available Upon Request @ Your Location – Speaker Fees and Travel Required – Michael Harmann will conduct a presentation that addresses how parents are beat themselves up for all the mistakes they made while simultaneously trying to problem solve and find the right action to serve their child in the face of his or her greatest time of need.  Michael’s approach focuses on “safety first” followed by improving communication and building trust to create an open and honest relationship between parents and their children.  To schedule a talk for your group, please call (203) 223-0756

Secrets for a successful relationship with your adolescent. Presention and Discussion – Available Upon Request @ Your Location – Speaker Fees and Travel Required – Topics can be customized by choosing 5 of the following:

  • Knowing when to back off and when to engage
  • Utilizing natural consequences
  • The function and responsibility of school and homework.  Is it wise to “nag” about it?
  • Transitioning from a caretaker relationship to a supportive observer type relationship.
  • How children objectify their parents and the consequences of this perspective.
  • What is effective and essential communication exchange, and why does it matter?
  • What do parents really have control over in terms of their adolescents?
  • How to set up productive routines
  • Understanding that the only sense of safety when your adolescent is away from home is trust.
  • What are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors?
  • What should be tolerated and what shouldn’t and why?
  • Curfews and social schedules.
  • To schedule a talk for your group, please call (203) 223-0756