Dear Michael,  Our son has suffered from mental health and social issues throughout his adolescence. After struggling for years to find a more intensive solution than weekly therapy sessions could offer, my husband and I retained Michael Harmann’s unique behavioral services. Michael began working with our son in June of 2012, and after an initial assessment, he engaged our son with an in-home family intervention, followed by meeting with him several times each week, providing one–on-one mentoring, drug testing, and coordinating appointments with a licensed psychiatrist. The combination of Michael’s access to our family’s dynamics, the extensive time that he spent with our son and the clinical expertise he provided to support the psychiatrist’s efforts, all worked to bring forward a workable solution so that harmony could be restored to our family. Thank you!  Elizabeth B.  

I highly recommend Michael to anyone who needs help with a child. I am greatful that he and his team were there for us and our son.
Betty K.

Dear Michael,
Today Chris is doing well as you know from your conversation with him Wednesday. Thank you. I believe that had it not been for you and you program, Chris would be in jail, hospital or worse.
Nancy K.

Chuck and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for fitting us in your busy schedule.  You have been patient, kind and gave us great insight. Sincerely,  (Confidential)

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate all you have done for James! It is clear that your involvement could have saved his life - perhaps more than once.
 With deep gratitude,
 Dr. Fredrick L.

In every way, Michael exceeded our expectations, spending endless hours coaching our son and checking in consistently to provide us feedback and suggestions on how we could improve our parenting skills in light of our son’s behaviors. Michael’s dedicated and thoughtful approach to his work should be commended. He is, in all regards, a responsible, caring professional and a much needed resource in the mental health field. I highly recommend Michael Harmann’s services for parents seeking a balanced solution for their children’s mental health and behavioral issues. If you have any questions regarding my recommendation, or wish to speak further, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Liz